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Lauren Arsenault, NASM CPT

Lauren has connected with the joy of movement since she was a child; her favorite activity was climbing rocks and trees. She participated in track (shot put and mile), cross country, and taekwondo. She was never a fan of “game” sports but loved the camaraderie of being on a team. She discovered lifting (mainly machine and isolation work) in high school gym class.

In high school, she bought into the low-fat craze and underate in an effort to become smaller.

She fell into binge-restrict patterns of eating that lasted until she learned more about nutrition and how to fuel the body in order to build muscle and strength.

Lauren first learned barbell lifts in 2013 in personal training school. She earned her training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and has worked in gyms and private studios with general population clients.

Lauren discovered the sport of Strongman in her home state of Massachusetts. She knew it was the sport for her when she witnessed the fierceness and savagery of the female competitors. She contacted the group New England Women of Strength who connected her with resources and support. She was able to learn the basics through pro-strongman and coach, Eric Dawson, owner of Titan Barbell. In 2018, she will reach the 10-competiton mark. She competes as a Light and Middleweight and has earned multiple top 3 placings including one win.

When Lauren and her husband Chris (also a coach and strength athlete) moved to Rochester, they were lucky to discover East Ave Barbell in their search for a strength community with similar values and attitudes. Lauren and Chris have expanded the Strongman element at the gym and enjoy teaching technique to those who aspire to compete or supplement training. Lauren especially loves sharing the sport with women to help them discover how strong they can be.