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Chris Harris, NASM CPT, FMS, PN

Chris Harris is the head coach at East Ave. Barbell. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, he was an auto mechanic from 2006-2014. He became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in 2014 after attending night school from 2013-2014. Entering the fitness industry, he quickly recognized the union of nutrition and functional movement as the catalyst for helping clients reach their goals. He then pursued the Precision Nutrition (PN) and Functional Movement System (FMS) certifications (FMS levels 1 & 2) in order to better serve his clients and help build their success stories.

Sometime later, Chris and his wife Lauren decided to buy a home and move to Rochester, NY. Shortly before moving he took the step of creating his own online/in person coaching business (Chris Harris Training Systems). After arriving in Rochester, Chris and Lauren (a strongwoman competitor) found John Hughes and East Ave. Barbell. This became their new strength training home, and has remained such ever since.

Chris has been strength training since 2014, and has competed in strongman since 2015, powerlifting since 2017 and has recently picked up Olympic weightlifting, in mid 2018.

“I do it all to get better at strongman. To be a well-rounded athlete you must be strong, fast, agile and adaptable” Chris says.  

As a coach and athlete Chris knows what it takes to become great at a sport: “There are two types of goals, long term (outcome based) and short term (habit based). Habit-based goals are those that you should focus on. Each aspect of an athlete’s life weighs down on another aspect of their life; everything must be considered holistically in order to succeed.” Chris also aspires to be a Starting Strength coach, and is actively working towards certification.  

When Chris isn’t coaching, reading, or writing, he enjoys playing the drums and trying to get this cat to meow on command.