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Orange Elite IV

  • 315 Strong (Hercules Gym) 6361 Thompson Road Syracuse, NY, 13206 United States (map)

Viking Press: The Saxons occupied Old Saxony, located in what is now Northern Germany. The Saxons were fierce and powerful people such as you and now it’s time to prove how powerful with THE VIKING PRESS

Grip will be neutral, competitor pick up weight from a set height. Then Press until locked out and judge gives the down command. Once you drop the implement that’s it you’re done.

Time limit: 60 seconds

Equipment allowed: Wrist Wraps, Elbow & Knee Sleeves, Belts and Chalk.

Weights for all classes: TBD

Keg Carry for distance in 60 seconds: In true Oktoberfest tradition drinking is the name of the game. Although you don’t have to drink it you do have to carry it. Unfortunately kegs aren’t loaded with BEER. You have 60 seconds on judge command to carry the keg as far as you can with turns at 50ft for 60 seconds. Multiple drops allowed. Furthest distance wins. You can carry the keg anyway you like but if you are carrying the keg upright you can’t have your hands underneath.

Equipment allowed: Wrist Wraps, Elbow & Knee Sleeves, Belts and Chalk.

Novice,Teen & Masters Woman: 100

123/132: 125

148/165: 150

181/198: 175

199+/SHW: 200

Novice & Teen Men: 175

165/181 & Masters: 200

198/220: 225

242/275: 250

308/SHW: 275

MAX Log Incline bench: The celebration of strength continues. Not with a Bavarian pretzel and cheese but with a MAX LOG INCLINE PRESS: bench will be set at 45 degrees. Competitor must pick the log from the floor sit with it on bench, get it to chest position and press once until lockout. Competitor has 60 seconds to complete each lift. Wessels rule in effect 3 attempts, miss and you’re out. Jump in and out as you like. Equipment Allowed: Wrist Wraps, Elbow & Knee Sleeves, Belts and Chalk.

Novice and open weight 70lbs with 10lb jumps

Men Novice and Open weight: 150 with 20lb jumps

Deadlift Medley: More than 1 million gallons of beer are consumed annually at Oktoberfest. Although you won’t be lifting that much you will be performing One of the oldest and most well-known tests of strength with the Deadlift. This time we give a medley with Farmers handles, Regular bar from the floor, Axle bar on tires and then rep out on 18inch’s.

Each competitor has 60 seconds to lift the 1st 3 implements once starting in order Farmers to dead from floor to axle and then rep out with the allowed time left on the 18inch.

You must wait for the judges down command to move to next implement.

Equipment Allowed: Wrist Straps, Elbow & Knee Sleeves, Chalk

Farmers dead from Floor Axle onTires 18inch

Novice,Teen& Masters Woman:
115 150 200 350

123/132: 125 225 275 350

145 250 300 375

181/198: 165 275 325 400

185 300 350 425

Novice & Teen Men: 185 325 375 425

165/181 & Masters: 205 350 425 450

198/220: 225 400 450 475

242/275: 250 450 475 525

275 500 525 575

Stone to Shoulder reps: Many of us enjoy a practice that has existed since the cavemen and has become an organized custom for over 1,000 years: stone lifting in this edition of Orange Elite you will take the stone from the ground and clean it to the shoulder removing one hand until you get the down command. You have 60 seconds to achieve as man reps as possible.

Equipment Allowed: Elbow and Knee Sleeves, Belts and Tacky

Novice,Teen Masters 123/132: 95lb

148/165 woman: 135lb

181 and up woman 150lb

Novice Men & Teen/Masters/165/181: 175lb

198/200: 200lb

HW Men: 245lb

SHW Men: 275lb