How to write your own program, Simplified.

Step 1 Pick the exercises

1.       Pick a main lift you want to improve.

2.       Pick an accessory exercise that will help improve the main lift

3.       Pick a back exercise (in horizontal or vertical plane).

4.       Pick a core exercise (isometric is best).

5.       Pick a conditioning drill that could compliment the main lift or just get the heart rate up.

Step 2 Pick sets and reps

1.       Main lift – 3 to 5 sets of 5 reps

2.       Accessory exercise – 3 to 4 sets 5 to 12 reps

3.       Back exercise – 3 sets 6 to 12 reps

4.       Core exercise – 3 sets 10-30 seconds

5.       Conditioning – 2 -5 minutes get heart rate as high as possible

Step 3 Decide on weekly progression scheme

1.       Main lift – add 5-10 lbs. and reduce reps by 1

2.       Accessory exercise – add 5 lbs. and reduce reps by 1

3.       Back exercise – add an additional set

4.       Core exercise – add an additional set

5.       Conditioning – beat previous time or distance from last week

You’ll find that if you choose reps 5 on your main lift by week 5 you're only doing singles. After that week you can start the entire process over by starting with 5 to 10 more lbs. on the bar (depending on the lift: upper body 5lb increase, lower body 10lb increase) then your first initial week of 5 reps. The body will adapt at its own rate. Finding the rate at which it will adapt will provide the safest most efficient way to get strong.

*NOTE: weight increases are depending on the exercise. Usually upper body exercises (bench and overhead press) 5lb increase are perfect and lower body exercises (squats and deadlifts) 10lb increase works. You can always reduce the increments to 2.5lbs (you'll need fractional weights in this case) and 5 lbs. if you find 10lb jumps are too much. *

Here is an example of 5 week program for deadlift day

Sample 5 week.jpg