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$275/3 months

$1000/full year



$250/3 months

$900/full year

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Remote Coaching

Top-tier coaching; no geographical limitations

Engineering your training for optimal results.

Looking to compete soon? Want some guidance in your programming, but don’t need the hands-on, in-person attention of a personal trainer? Need something affordable and effective to elevate your fitness?

I’ve worked with athletes all across the skill spectrum, from absolute beginners to elite record-holders. The important thing they all have in common?

Results. Consistent, measurable results.

When you work with me you’re not just buying a program – you’re hiring a coach. I will communicate with you regularly and tailor the program for you as you grow. You and I will speak no less than once bi-weekly, tracking your progress and making changes to your training (or even certain lifestyle choices) if necessary.

With your program I provide a template for you to take detailed notes around your workout, taking into account sleep, stress, nutrition, and much more. By using Google Drive Sheets, we can both see updates to the program and notes in real time.

I can’t wait to work with you - reach out today! Feel free to use the form on the right, or email me directly at

John introduced me to powerlifting and coached me through two meets. I gained skill and strength under his tutelage and a newfound confidence in the weight room. John is stern yet supportive and always prepared with a steady stream of encouragement. John cares about all of his clients and celebrates each achievement.
— Jessica
John was a pleasure to work with! He was always going above and beyond what my programming called for, and it became clear to me that strength training is not just a job for him, it is a passion that gives him genuine joy and purpose. I’ve worked with other coaches where things felt very transactional and impersonal, but with John I felt true support and trust. To top everything off, John is also extremely knowledgeable and experienced – so you really do get the best of it all with John!
— Nathan
I have had the opportunity to be coached by John as well as see him coach other lifters of varying degrees of advancement. John begins thoroughly learning your goals, your training history, and training preferences if you’re far enough along to have developed some. He will not simply give you a boiler plate template and effectively just leave you on your own like a number of “coaches” and “experts” that have popped up recently in powerlifting do. What I found particularly impressive with John’s coaching was his willingness and ability to make changes to the training plan as we found things either just weren’t working or needed to be addressed further. For example, I personally get progressively “worse” at lower percentages and higher rep ranges quicker than most lifters and have never done well with percentage-based training written by others. That posed a real challenge to John and he handled it very well, often giving me a thorough description of the purpose of the days training in addition to the lifts, weights, reps, etc. allowing me to make my own small adjustments to accomplish the day’s goals. That won’t necessarily be (and I know that it isn’t) how John approaches coaching all of his lifters, and that’s because it wouldn’t work with most people, but the flexibility it demanded is proof enough of the fact that John truly cares about the success of his lifters and will go to great lengths to get them where they want to be. I hit several PRs while training with John after “slumping” for quite a while, and it set me up great for many PRs since.
— Joe

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