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Roc City's Ritual Of Strength

  • East Ave Barbell 1717 East Avenue Rochester, NY, 14610 United States (map)

Brought to you by East Ave. Barbell and World's Gym there are many forms of strength. This event gathers to it those who are interested in participating in a strongman-style event to prove to themselves that they are up to the challenge. There will be 4 events, each one a new test of strength, agility, and raw power. This event also carries with it the most courageous challenge of all: giving back. With each entry, participants will be donating to Rocovery Fitness, a community for those using the power of their body and spirit to obtain and maintain sobriety each day. The hearts of the challengers as well as the hearts of the people will be what ultimately fuels this event. Sign up and put yourself to the test.
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***Updated 4/29***

Women’s Novice – All weights
Women’s LW (under 160#)
Women’s HW (160# and over)
Men’s Novice – All weights
Men’s LW (under 200#)
Men’s HW (200# and over)

First place athletes from each weight class will receive awards

>> Most events have a choice of lighter/heavier weights which can be chosen just prior to each event.
ANY number of reps on the heavier weight will beat any number of reps on the lighter weight.
For example: 1 rep on heavier weight scores higher than 10 reps on the lighter weight.
Once a decision is made, you cannot change it. If you choose the heavier weight and fail, you receive a zero for that event.

Circus Dumbbell (clean and press every rep)

Women’s Novice - 45/55
Women’s LW (under 160#) - 55/65
Women’s HW (160# and over) – 65/75
Men’s Novice – 75/95
Men’s LW (under 200#) – 95/115
Men’s HW (200# and over) – 115/135

Deadlift for reps

Women’s Novice - 155/175
Women’s LW (under 160#) - 185/225
Women’s HW (160# and over) – 225/275
Men’s Novice – 275/315
Men’s LW (under 200#) – 315/385
Men’s HW (200# and over) – 405/495

Tire Flip

Women’s Novice - 350
Women’s LW (under 160#) - 350
Women’s HW (160# and over) – 350
Men’s Novice – 350/770
Men’s LW (under 200#) – 350/770
Men’s HW (200# and over) – 350/770

Stone to Shoulder

Women’s Novice - 60/80 (slam ball)
Women’s LW (under 160#) - 80 (slam ball)/100 (stone)
Women’s HW (160# and over) – 100/115
Men’s Novice – 135/155
Men’s LW (under 200#) – 155/175
Men’s HW (200# and over) – 175/200

All events and weights are subject to change without notice.

Event Descriptions
1. Circus Dumbbell clean and press every rep. Athlete will have 60 sec. to complete as many reps as possible. Non-pressing hand must be removed from dumbbell before initiating leg drive or pressing. Dumbbell overhead, elbow, knees, and hips must be locked for the down command. Elbows sleeves, wrist wraps, belts, knee sleeves, and chalk allowed. Part of the dumbbell must touch the ground before starting the next rep.

2. Deadlift for reps. Athlete will have 60 sec. to complete as many reps as possible. You will be given UP AND DOWN commands each rep (NO bouncing/touch and go). Belts, wrist straps, elbow sleeves, knees sleeves and chalk are allowed. No deadlift suits or briefs allowed. No sumo allowed. Hitching allowed.

3. Tire Flip. Athlete must cover a specific distance with the tire (likely 50 - 75'); fastest time wins. Belt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, and chalk are allowed. Tacky is not allowed.

4. Stone to Shoulder. Athlete will have 60sec. to complete as many reps as possible. Stone must be loaded to either shoulder, stabilized then one hand removed to receive a down command. Stone must be guided down. Belt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, forearm sleeves are allowed. Tacky towel and spray tacky is allowed but regular tacky is NOT allowed.

In the case of a tie there will be a tie breaker event not listed.

Later Event: July 14
East Ave Max Out